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At Excel AV our after sales support is just as important to us as providing our customers with the correct audio visual solution. We are always keen to ensure you get the most from a new system and in our opinion this should always include training. Excel AV can offer specific focused training courses such as Smart, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Smart Pro and Excel just to name a few, but can also provide general system training to provide some confidence and assurance on completion of any project, complex or simple.

We can provide bespoke training sessions with our specialised trainers, designed by you to meet your exact needs. This could be on a one to one basis or in agreed groups. These courses give Excel AV and you the opportunity to devise training sessions that meet the end users individual expectations at all levels, and as part of the bespoke session training manuals can be provided. This ensures each operator gets to understand and utilise the audio visual equipment to it's full capacity depending on their own individual knowledge and experience.

Please contact us to discuss training sessions in more detail.

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